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We're punk and emo

Because rocking out and having emotions rocks

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This is a community dedicated to being both punk and emo at the same time.

What is punkmo?
Punkmo is a word that means your both punk and emo. It was created by your lovely mods, long_story_0408 and rufusroxmysox. Basically if you love punk/rock music and wear spikes, but still cry when your boyfriend/girlfriend dumps you and have those emo glasses, you're punkmo.

Am I punkmo?
Sure! If you fit the descrription you most definitly are and should join. If you don't fit the description, join anyways if ya want. There's no application, so don't worry 'bout that.

1. No offensive or rude language to other people. Swearing fine, but don't bitch out another person or give them shit.
2. Be nice to other people in the community. Dur.

Yea that's really it. Posts can be whatever you want. Pictures of bands, lyrics, teenage angst, whatever. Have fun!